[Evolution] Hitting Enter in composer still crashes composer w/ orbit.5.8 cvs

Hi there:  I've seen the previous posts regarding this error (composer
window blanks out when you hit "enter"), and so i've checkedout,
compiled, make-installed the new orbit from cvs (orbit-stable-0-5 or
whatever it was...)  ...  but now the problem has just gotten worse...
instead of the window just blanking, gnome-gtkhtml-editor dies
completely.  I am also now unable to reply to messages, as the
gtkhtmleditor will crash upon opening the message that contains
newlines.  (i also can't paste newlines, though i'm not sure if this
worked before).

I'm running 0.10-ximian evolution .deb off the
red-carpet server, but not ximian gnome 1.4, as I'm tracking debian SID,
with which ximian has some issues :)...  I've gotten this problem with SID
gtkhml and gal packages, and haven't been able to try with CVS versions of
said packages, as gtkhtml compile dies on linking to the libwww libraries
(i'm using SID .deb libwww0 and libwww-dev packages, and it's
complaining about lots of undefined references in HTDir.o file, as well
as the use of `tempnam' being dangerous, better use `mkstemp' in
HTInet.o file and HTWWWStr.o file)...  any ideas?
Here's error messages i get from make:

/usr/lib/libwwwcore.a(HTWWWStr.o): In function `HTMessageIdStr':
HTWWWStr.o(.text+0x6bd): the use of `tmpnam' is dangerous, better use
/usr/lib/libwwwcore.a(HTInet.o): In function `HTGetTmpFileName':
HTInet.o(.text+0x83b): the use of `tempnam' is dangerous, better use
/usr/lib/libwwwdir.a(HTDir.o): In function `HTDirNode_print':
HTDir.o(.text+0x245): undefined reference to `HTMLPutImg'
HTDir.o(.text+0x300): undefined reference to `HTStartAnchor'
HTDir.o(.text+0x33d): undefined reference to `HTStartAnchor'
HTDir.o(.text+0x383): undefined reference to `HTMLPutImg'
HTDir.o(.text+0x438): undefined reference to `HTStartAnchor'
HTDir.o(.text+0x472): undefined reference to `HTStartAnchor'
/usr/lib/libwwwdir.a(HTDir.o): In function `HTDir_headLine':
HTDir.o(.text+0x68c): undefined reference to `HTMLPutImg'
/usr/lib/libwwwdir.a(HTDir.o): In function `HTDir_new':
HTDir.o(.text+0x8af): undefined reference to `HTMLGenerator'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

these errors follow this line:
gcc -g -O2 -Wall -Wunused -Wmissing-prototypes -Wmissing-declarations -o
testgtkhtml testgtkhtml.o htmlurl.o -rdynamic -rdynamic -rdynamic
-rdynamic -I/usr/include -I/usr/include/w3c-libwww -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
./.libs/libgtkhtml.a -L/usr/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib
which then appears to be appended with just about every library include
known to man.


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