RE: [Evolution] LDAP-Support

I installed openLDAP 2.0.7 and its libraries (with library-headers).

Started configure with parameter "--enable-ldap=yes", got no (!) errors
and configure finished with

"Evolution has been configured as follows:
        Mail Directory:   /var/mail
        LDAP support:     no
        NNTP support:     no
        Pilot conduits:   no
        Kerberos 4/5:     no/no
        SSL support:      no
        Use movemail:     no
        Dot Locking:      yes
        File Locking:     fcntl
        Gtk-doc:          no" ...

What was wrong? Give us a some information ;-).
What version of openLDAP, the error messages, etc...

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I tried to compile Evolution 0.10 with LDAP-Support (configure
--enable-ldap=yes) but it did not work.

I'm using Mandrake 8.0 with OpenLDAP and its libraries installed (incl.

Could anyone give me a hint how to manage that?

Thanx a lot,

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