Re: [Evolution] Setting up evolution as a handler, donations

Is there any way for me (or anyone else, for that matter) to donate
money to this project?

Sure! Step 1: Become a millionaire. Step 2: Talk to our executives. :-)

Being a student, I don't have much, but I'd like
to contribute in any way possible

Well, if you really really want to throw small amounts of money at us,
you can buy a stuffed Ximian monkey doll at [Disclaimer: I don't
actually know for sure that we make any profit off these. But they're
really cute, so you should go buy one anyway :-)]

But even if everyone on this mailing list just wrote Ximian a check for
$100, it would come to ~$140k, which is not very much money at all in
corporate terms. We don't have enough users (yet) to be able to
plausibly make money off you :-). So if you're not rich, and not a
corporation, then the best way you can help out right now is with code,
not money.

-- Dan

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