[Evolution] SMTP AUTH

I'm having a problem with authenticated SMTP.  My company recently
installed Postfix which implemented the authenticated SMTP - previously
we were using regular (non-authenticated) SMTP, I think with sendmail.
Anyay, evolution works fine for about 10 minutes, or so, then I get a
timeout error.  I am attaching a '--debug' output which captured the
problem.  If you want to know what the dialog box says, let me know.

Is this a problem with Evolution, or is it a problem with the way our IT
department has configured Postfix?

I'm running Mandrake 8.0 and I use ssh to port forward to the mail
server.  If there's any other information that you need, let me know.


Mark Logan
Project Manager BioInformatics

Phone: (416)813-3240 x4133
Cell : (416)274-1559
Email: mlogan visgen com

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