Re: LDAP (was: Re: [Evolution] still no contacts in 0.10: wrong db?)

On 13 May 2001 20:33:27 -0700, Mitchell Skinner wrote:
Last I heard, someone had suggested the use of Mozilla's LDAP code, but
I never saw anything more about that.  Has anyone taken a look at this?
I have, and it looks like the code is under the Netscape Public License,
which according to the license page is incompatible with the
GPL.  However, there is GPL mozilla code which links directly with this
NPL code, so I'm confused.

The code that mozilla links to this is dual licensed NPL/GPL so it can
link to NPL code as long as there's no GPL code in the equation.
However, much of mozilla is changing to be dual licensed like this.
Perhaps this will eventually change as well.  At that time we will
seriously consider linking to mozilla's LDAP code.  We have been making
efforts to communicate with the mozilla team on this issue.

This certainly appears to be one of the most frequently requested items,
and frankly it would also help me out at work.  How hard is it to go
down the hall and talk to the lawyers?  Ximian does have lawyers, right?

Perhaps the people at Sun ireland can shed some light here, since
Netscape's LDAP stuff appears to have originated with iPlanet.  I know
there's at least one of you on this list.

I promise you, those of us here would love to ship LDAP support compiled
in, probably as much as you would like to have it shipped.  We are
working towards solutions.


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