Re: [Evolution] still no contacts in 0.10: wrong db?

On 13 May 2001 00:21:43 -0500, Austin Gonyou wrote:
I'm rather disappointed that LDAP still isn't implemented. Can't there be
a set of files downloaded together, or perhaps an evoltion-noldap rpm and
evolution-ldap with accompanying openldap-client rpms? This is getting

Uh, the licensing issue still hasnt' changed.

Austin Gonyou
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On 12 May 2001, Fernando Pereira wrote:

It looks as if "official" 0.10 is still not seeing the contactx created
with earlier snapshots, presumably because it was linked with the wrong
db version, as was the case for the most recent snapshot(RH 6.2, Ximian
Gnome 1.4). Is there a way out of this? Thanks

-- F

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