[Evolution] Evolution 0.10 "Tasmanian Devil" is out

The happy monkeys at Ximian have just released Evolution 0.10, code name
"Tasmanian Devil".

Evolution is the GNOME mailer, calendar, and addressbook application.

* Availability

    For those of you using Ximian GNOME, this version can be installed
    by subscribing to the Evolution channel in Red Carpet (System -> Get

    You can also get the Evolution source tarball here:


    Evolution also requires Gal (0.7), GtkHTML (0.8.2), Bonobo (1.0),
    OAF (0.6.2), GNOME VFS (1.0), libunicode (0.4.gnome), GNOME Print
    (0.25) and ORBit (0.5.6).


* Changes since version 0.9


      - Fixed some usability bugs in the folder selection and creation
        dialogs.  (Ettore)

      - Added a --debug option.  (Dan)

      - Added support for drag and drop operations.  (Ettore)


      - SSL (S/IMAP, S/POP, and S/SMTP).  (Jeff)

      - Virtual Trash folders in each mail storage and "Empty Trash" menu
        item to expunge all folders in a store.  (Jeff)

      - Email addresses in mail headers are now right-clickable to add
        them to the Addressbook (Jon, Radek)

      - Hide deleted messages is now a mode rather than a one-time
        operation. (Michael)

      - When sending plain text mail, use the new plain text mode of the
        GtkHTML editor (Larry)

      - Cancellable operations, cancellable/async dns lookup, slightly
        improved progress reporting.  (Michael)

      - Allow per-identity Draft and Sent folders.  (Dan)

      - Replies quoted with "> " in messages are now displayed dimmed to
        make it easier to find the new bits of text. (Radek)

      - Saved searches.  Searches now configurable via XML with supporting
        C code.  (Michael)

      - UNMATCHED vFolder (shows all messages that are in no other
        vFolder). (Michael)

      - SASL Authentication (Kerberos4, DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5, PLAIN,
        LOGIN, ANONYMOUS) for IMAP and SMTP (haven't done POP yet)
        (Jeff, Dan)

      - Filter/vFolder on Mailing List.  (Michael)

      - Resend sent items.  (Jeff)

      - Allow users to turn on/off headers in the composer and added
        Reply-To header entry in the composer.  (Miguel, Jeff)

      - Numerous OpenPGP (PGP/MIME) fixes.  (Jeff)

      - Replying to a message chooses account based on message
        addressee's.  (Jeff)

      - Redid Forward Inline and Forward Quoted.  (Jeff)

      - IMAP fixes: greater configurability for faster startup/mail check
        (Dan), folders should now notice new messages when you switch to
        them (Dan), copying/moving many messages at once should be much
        faster (Jeff), better support for old IMAP servers (Dan)

      - IMAP message bodies are now cached to local disk to speed up
        re-access (Dan)

      - New config dialogs (last time!) (Anna, Dan)

      - Sorting by a text field in the message list no longer generates a
        random order. (Michael)

      - Fixed "crash when getting new mail from 2 POP servers" bug. (Dan)

      - Numerous bugfixes, cleanups and optimisations. (Everyone)


      - Added support for non editable sources.  (Toshok)

      - Added address completion for use in contact entries using the
        select names system.  (Jon Trowbridge)

      - Fixed some major crashes in the addressbook backend.  (Clahey)

      - Updated Ximian's contact information.  (Jason Leach)

      - Finished LDAP support.  (Toshok)


      - Event creation fixes.  (Miguel)

      - Calendar loading fixes and removal of old code.  (Federico)

      - Made the iTIP control have better spacings.  (Anna)

      - i18n fixes.  (Kjartan)


      - Created a popup list item for ETable to select the Status,
        Classification, Priority, Percent & Transparencey fields.  (Damon)

      - Created a popup date editor item for ETable to set all the dates in the
        tasks.  (Damon)


      - Created Intelligent Importers that look for certain files on your disk
        and works out what type of data it is. Currently Intelligent Importers
        exist for Pine, Elm and Netscape. (Iain)


      - Rewrote ETree in gal.  Changed evolution to support the changes in
        API.  (Clahey)

      - Lots of Etable/ETree bug fixes.  (Clahey)

      - Lots of i18n/l10n fixes.  (Kjartan Maraas, Gedeminas Paulauskas,
        and the Evolution gang)


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