[Evolution] Movemail problem

Hi all, My name is Thomas Hansen, I am new to this list.

I just downloaded Evolution 0.10, and tried to configure it to read my
mailbox (/var/spool/mail/thomas, in my local system). When I try to get
new messages (read the mbox), I get the following message:

"Error while performing operation:
 Falha no programa Movemail: (Erro desconhecido)"

The last phrase is in portuguese, due to my locale settings, and means:

"Failure on Movemail program: (Unknown error)"

This only happens if my maibox is NOT empty. Kmail, pine and elm work
fine with the same configuration, so I believe it is not a problem of my

Any help is welcome!



Thomas P. Hansen
Hornist - Music Editor - System Administrator
thomas cmu eca usp br

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