Re: [Evolution] LDAP Support

On 09 May 2001 13:27:44 +0200, Juan Alonso Hernández wrote:
I'm using evo 10 from red-carpet. When I try to add an ldap source for
the contacts list I can't create the source because the OK button is

Another question is how do I compile the cvs version? It doesn't has a
./configure and I just can't figure out how to compile it.

Like all gnome cvs software, there is a '' script which
creates and then runs the configure script.  Run it exactly as you would

Another question related to PGP, it just works from time to time, the
first time evo asks me for my passphrase, then as someone helped me out
it is cached (there is no way to avoid this? I just want to type it
every time i want so send a signed message or an encrypted one).

Also it wouldn't confuse users if it said: PGP/GPG instead or GPG

Thanks :)

Juan Alonso Hernández <jah nekkar es>

PGP Signature at

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