Re: [Evolution] Can't compile CVS version

doubt it, there's a bunch of things that usually fix the can't
initialise bug, like removing files, killing processes etc, look through
the archives as I can't ever remember enough of them off hand to be
useful, but its like the #1 question that comes up on the lists.

On 09 May 2001 19:35:06 -0700, David Hampton wrote:
larry> The trunk of cvs evolution always requires the trunk of cvs
larry> gtkhtml, you need to update your gtkhtml then rebuild it and
larry> gtkhtml.  If you haven't already, you will also need to get
larry> orbit from the orbit-stable-0-5 branch because the trunk of
larry> gtkhtml triggers a bug in older versions including ORBit-0.5.7

Would the orbit bug explain the message that the evolution shell can't
initialize?  That's what I got after updating gtkhtml and then
recompiling evolution.


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