Re: [Evolution] Moving real folders

On 09 May 2001 09:00:01 -0700, Kernel Panic wrote:

I like to know if it is possible move the a real folder to a different
location in the folder tree. I try dragging the folder but, first the
folder is copied instead of just moved and the folder in the new
location is empty. 

I like to know also if is there some way to delete a real folder. I try
the delette button on a marked empty folder but it does not work.

Yeah, open a terminal and cd ~/evolution/local
You can rm -rf the folders from there. Note: I'm trying to get rid of
the calender and tasks and things like that because it's just blot to
me, but when I restart evo, it recreates those folders. Can anyone tell
me how I can get rid of (or at LEAST hide from the folder list) these
folders. I want to have my folder view showing only my mail folders
(inbox, trash, sent, etc). None of this executive bs.

you have to modify the 'default user' image (or the relevant parts of
it) in $prefix/share/evolution/default_user, but a new install will
reset it.


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