Re: [Evolution] Moving real folders


I like to know if it is possible move the a real folder to a different
location in the folder tree. I try dragging the folder but, first the
folder is copied instead of just moved and the folder in the new
location is empty. 

I like to know also if is there some way to delete a real folder. I try
the delette button on a marked empty folder but it does not work.

Yeah, open a terminal and cd ~/evolution/local
You can rm -rf the folders from there. Note: I'm trying to get rid of
the calender and tasks and things like that because it's just blot to
me, but when I restart evo, it recreates those folders. Can anyone tell
me how I can get rid of (or at LEAST hide from the folder list) these
folders. I want to have my folder view showing only my mail folders
(inbox, trash, sent, etc). None of this executive bs.

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