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I also have been using balsa, but am having problems with it cutting off the
tops of messages when it prints using CUPS.
I did not have this problem with balsa 1.0.0 but the default printer in that
version was print to a file.
I upgraded to the latest beta version, 1.1.4, and that fixed the print to
file problem, but now, it cuts the tops off of messages when printed, no
matter how I try to adjust the lpoptions in CUPS.
Any suggestions are very welcome and appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Jamie Rubinstein
Systems Engineer
Apropos Retail Management Systems, Inc.
jamier aproposretail com
Phone: 425-672-1304
Fax:   425-670-1810

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From: Fernando Pereira [mailto:fpereira flipdog com]
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To: Jamie Rubinstein
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I've been using Evo for email since January. It's has become
increasingly stable, but it's still very much work in progress, and it
does crash, although relatively rarely at least for me. The main reasons
I am using it rather than Balsa, another GNOME email client, are the
search, filter and attachment facilities, which are excellent, as well
as the convenient HTML email handling for when I get HTML-formatted
email from Netscape or Outlook users (this is still somewhat fragile,
though).  However, if you need a simple, pretty stable, client, Balsa
may be a better bet. I used it for a period last year, and would still
be using it if it had good search and filtering capabilities, and did
attachments better.

-- F

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