[Evolution] Problems running autogen.sh on Solaris


I'm trying to get the 0.10 branch from CVS to compile on Solaris 7.

Evolution and xml-i18n-tools is from today's anoncvs.

autogen.sh dies with this message:

aclocal: configure.in: 58: macro `AM_PROG_XML_I' not found in library
(complete output included below)

I start autogen with "./autogen.sh --prefix=$SUBSYS", where SUBSYS is the
directory where all gnome packages (but not m4 or gcc) is installed.

When i try to set ACLOCAL_PATH to "-I SUBSYS/share/aclocal" (as suggested
by the error message), autogen.sh dies a horrible death with a lot of
"duplicate definition" messages.

I've never successfully compiled Evolution from CVS before, but I have
managed to get earlier releases to run (although .9 crashes on startup)

I suspect this is related to xml-i18n-tools, a
"grep AM_PROG_XML_I $SUBSYS/share/aclocal/*" comes up with



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