Re: [Evolution] imap access problem

On 08 May 2001 10:59:03 -0400, Tom Cooper wrote:
I'm running evo .10 on RH7.1 using IMAP to access my Exchange mailbox.

I have lots of folders, and use server-side rules to file messages into
folders for me.

(I don't think that this matters, but I figured I should mention it.
I'm also running Outlook against that same Exchange mailbox all of the

Evolution doesn't always notice when new mail is filed into the folders.
I have evo set to update every 8 minutes, but that doesn't always seem
to work.  If I click on send/receive, it generally updates.  

Right now I'm seeing what I tend to see a few times a day.  The imap box
simply won't update.  The send/recieve dialog is up, but simply says
"updating" for the imap box, and will never return.

In Tools->Mail Settings, when editing your account, under the Receiving
Options tab, there's a setting "Check for New Messages in All Folders".
Is this on in your set up?  If not, does setting it fix the problem?


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