Re: [Evolution] very slow composition window creation

I also think it's been pointed out on this list (or maybe
it's the Nautilus list?) a few times that oaf in CVS has
been fixed.


I used to have this problem every now and again with Evolution until
some guys told me that it's an oafd problem.  They suggested using the
following commands - "killev; killall oafd" when Evo is NOT loaded, then
reloading it.  Evo works fine afterwards.

What I do these days is to load Evo from a script, my script looks like


killev; killall oafd; evolution

Evo works fine for me all the time now!

Be aware that killing oafd may - I think - cause a bit of aggravation if
you're running Natilus at the time you issue the "killall oafd", since
Natilus also uses oafd.

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