Re: [Evolution] There is absolutely a bug with the delete key

There do appear to be other focus problems between IMAP
and local mail folders (I think I reported that this 
weekend but haven't seen any responses yet).  Is this what
you've seen?  To me it looks like the message highlight
color is different between the two, but I suppose that could
be because the focus is different between the two.

  Uhm, what do you mean?  I am pretty sure that there is no difference,
at GUI/focus level, between the way IMAP folders and local folders are

Just try it out.  I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly
how to reproduce it now, but it just happened to me again 5
minutes ago.  When I clicked on message headers in the message
list window of my IMAP folder, they were highlighted in gray.
Then I think I switched to my local Inbox (where they always have
highlighted in blue, but the <DEL> key selectively stops working),
and switched back, my IMAP message headers started highlighting
in blue.  Both of these problems probably are focus-related,
and were recently introduced.  If I can come up with a way
to reproduce this one faithfully, I'll submit another bug report.
But this absolutely positively does happen.  I'm not sure if
the IMAP highlight color problem introduces anything else.


P.S.  I'm using the evolution-0-10 branch, and everything else
is most recent from CVS.  And gtkhtml still crashes if I open
the Compose window, type a few characters, then hit <CR>.  This
has been going on for weeks now (see bug 2517), but I'm not getting
anywhere with it.

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