Re: [Evolution] Evolution doesn't like Message-ID ???

Nigel Metheringham wrote:

> turman ohmforce com said:
>> I'm using evolution 0.9 and it seems to have a annoying gap: Ev
>> doesn't generate a Message-ID in the mail headers! It seems to well
>> mananage the references for the threads, but does not include a unique
>> Message-ID in each sent message. It 's very annoying for me, because
>> my Sympa mailing list manager blocks most of the message i send with
>> Evolution! (Sympa doesn't detect a new message-id, so it refuses my
>> messages in order to prevent a loop in the ML)
> Its relatively unusual to add a message id in the MUA - thats normally
> done by the MTA.  What strange MTA are you using that doesn't do that?
> [Header inspection shows that your ISP is using qmail and the message
> id wasn't added until it reached ximian.  I hadn't realised qmail is
> that borked]

Yeap, the qmail used by my ISP doesn't seem to include a Message-ID in
the headers.. (and I suppose my case is not so unusual..)
Regarding that Message-ID is mentionned as *optionnal* in the SMTP RFC,
does it mean there's no strict rules about its use?
The MUA seems (to me) to be a good candidate in the mailing process for
handle this issue: including a message-id as soons as the client is
sending his message would be a good guarantee for the rest of the
process, isn't it? (it seems to be the choice of netscape messenger and
M$ outlook.. sorry for the comparaison.. ;-])

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