Re: [Evolution] Nightly snapshots for .10

Well, there hasn't been a new snapshot in 4 or 5 days - see - so even if you had the channel, you
wouldn't have gotten a snapshot.

You don't say what OS you're using; the nightly snapshots only show up for
RH 6.2, RH 7.0 and debian. For me, since I run Mandrake, I have to either
fool RC into thinking I'm running RH 6.2, or else download manually.

BTW .. the snapshots keep failing with the same error - "Can't find " a
couple of ical header files.

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Subject: [Evolution] Nightly snapshots for .10

I'm not seeing any nightly snapshots for evo .10 in RedCarpet 1.0.
Is that because something is not correctly set up on my end or are these
not being made available through Red Carpet?

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