Re: [Evolution] Evolution crashes X on some mail

I should also mention that Evolution, and just in the last few weeks, is
the only application (and the only time) that I have ever had XFree86
4.0.x crash.  The crash is very repeatable in that the emails that cause
the crash, always cause the crash.

How can I get a crash dump from X that might give evidence as to what is
causing the crashes?

I had the same problem recently. $20 says it's a problem with one or
more of your fonts (or how XFree deals with them). I did have xfstt
running and removing it didn't help, so I walked through the list of TT
fonts on my system and some of them crashed my X server. The reason why
certain mails crash it is because it explicitly references those fonts.

It took me a while, but I found the problem by firing up a bare X
session and running gfontsel and walking through the list of fonts until
it crashed my X server. Delete the font, regenerate the font list with
ttmkfdir, repeat.


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