Re: [Evolution] evo get mail

On 25 Mar 2001 01:28:14 +0100, Thomas Satzinger wrote:
hello ,

1) congrats, evo is great

2) question:
when getting mail, a dialog pops up, which shows the progress.

So you can tell what its doing?  If you have a modem it is absolutely
necessary i can assure you.

2a) why does this one try to send pending mails - i do not want this

It is the mechanism for sending pending mails, and thats that.  If you
dont have any to send it wont send any, so it doesn't matter.

2b) why does this not close automatically when finishing? i would
appreciate this...

0.9 is fairly old (unfortunately it took a long time to get out), the
next release it closes by itself.

You can also just set it to download mial in the background in which
case you see no dialogue unless you bring it up manually.

what do you think about the point in 2)



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