[Evolution] Snapshot 2001. comments

Much improved. Thanks!

- Only crashed once on expunge.
- Speed is back - program starts faster, and opening a 103K digested
mail message is MUCH faster, as is scrolling thru it - it used to seem
to "stumble" slightly, every time I scrolled past an address (scrolling
by holding down the "down" area).
- Filtering speed seems much improved - after getting 300+ messages from
my POP accounts, Evo seemed to filter them into their respective mail
folders a lot quicker than before.
- Headers seem to align properly again.
- Headers (TO: and CC:) show up again on printed output.

Errors and continuing problems:
- Still crashes on exit.
- Invisible pick lists when using addressing buttons.
- Pick list also not alphabetized.
- all the help files don't work - I get "Lynx failed to download
selected file", for every help option I try (from the shell).

- Please, let's have the old mail progress indicators back - I wanna see
"Retrieving 2 of 24", not "Retrieving 2". Like the fact that I don't
have to click OK, tho.
- When printing, can the default be "Printer" instead of "File"? I think
it's MUCH more likely that the user wants a hardcopy, when they click on
"Print", rather than outputing to a file.
- gridlines in the mail list window (sorry; I forget the correct name -
the pane that shows the list of all emails in that folder). I realize
this may be an e-Table problem, and the Evo team may have no control
over that.

Good job on the quick recovery!

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