Re: [Evolution] +cvs.2001. observations.

On 23 Mar 2001 21:09:21 -0600, Matthew Vanecek wrote:
and that means even less to me.  if this is up for any sort of a vote,
then i say it should go back to the old way, a meter indicating the
_total_ download status of all emails, not the individual emails.

I personally like the individual meters for each server, so that's where
my vote goes...

I have more than 1 server (2 POP accounts), and I want the old way back.
I want to see "Retrieving 2 of 24" for EACH account, so I know how many
emails I have to go thru. "Retrieving 2" doesn't tell me anything useful
- I define useful to be like "Not even CLOSE to done retrieving yet" or
"Hang in there, just about done".

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