[Evolution] Evolution 0.9 won't start

I just installed Evolution 0.9, but I cannot get it to run.  I'm trying
to start it from the command line by running the 'evolution' binary.
Everythiing starts okay as far as initial setup, but then I get a
message saying "Cannot initilize the Evolution shell".  I have tried
setting $GNOME_PATH and $OAF_INFO_PATH as suggested in some mail I found
in the January archives, but that isn't helping.  Is there something else
I am missing?


Patrick L. Hartling                     | Research Assistant, VRAC
patrick 137 org                         | 2624 Howe Hall -- (515)294-4916
http://www.137.org/patrick/             | http://www.vrac.iastate.edu/

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