[Evolution] Some usabilty issues and bugs....

Howdy folks,

Great job so far.  I can almost make evolution my mail program of
There is a couple of problems:

Distribution:                  Red Hat Linux
Operating System:              Linux
Distribution Version:          Red Hat Linux release 6.2 (Zoot)

Operating System Version:      #2 Fri Mar 9 16:08:20 PST 2001
Operating System Release:      2.4.0
Processor Type:                i686
System Status:                 8:43am  up 10 days, 16:32,  2 users,
load average: 1.97, 1.96, 2.04

Evolution version: 0.9

Some Usability issues.

1. When a message is deleted, move it from Inbox to Trash then go to the
   next message automagically.  The current action of crossing out the
   text in the message list is a pain if you get a large number of mails
   every day.

2. I generally do not send HTML mail.  But if someone sends me an HTML
   and I reply to it, I would like the reply to be in HTML.  Maybe this
   could be a configurable option.  So if I reply to a text message,
   the reply in text.  If I get an HTML message, reply in HTML.
   Settings/Mail Configuration/Other/Send HTML Mail by Default check box
   should only apply to new messages.

3. If someone sends an HTML mail and I reply, but have not checked the
   Settings/Mail Configuration/Other/Send HTML Mail by Default.
   then the text in the reply message is all on one line (if no explicit
   breaks in the original).  How about doing an automatic line break on

3. In the "Evolution Account Editor" Advanced tab:  The automatic mail
   toggles don't stick - maybe they just aren't implemented yet?

4. When you hit the 'Get Mail' button I hate having to click the OK
   on the dialog that comes up labled "Send & Receive mail"
   I don't see why there even needs to be a dialog displayed unless
   is an error.  Better yet, make the automatic mail getter work!


1. Calendar ( did someone actually test any of this?)

   a. Click 'New appointment' from icon bar.
   b. Select 'Reminder' tab
   c. Fill in summary etc.
   d. Change 'minute(s), hour(s), day(s)' button and select anything
      than 'minute(s)'
   e. Click 'Add' button
   f. The Reminders list always says "Show a dialog X MINUTES before
start of

   g. An error message is displayed when you exit the
      appointment dialog by hitting the 'Close' button:
      Error message: "Ooops! The view for 'evolution:/local/Calendar'
                     died unexpectedly. :-(  This probably means that
                     calendar component has crashed"

More later....

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