Re: [Evolution] 0.9 Filtering problems?

Ok, as it was pointed out, a Ctrl-A (select all) and then Ctrl-Y to apply
filters will take care of the problem.

However, that doesn't seem entirely logical to me?  I would think if you Apply
Filters with a folder selected, then it should filter the ENTIRE folder, not
just the selected message.

Does anyone else agree on this?  I know other mailers work this way (Pronto!
for instance), and it makes more sense to me.

Thanks for all who replied pointing out my obvious mistake. ;)


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From: Joe
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Sent: 18 Mar 2001 21:32:38 MST
Subject: [Evolution] 0.9 Filtering problems?

 While playing with 0.9, I have noticed that filters don't seem to work.
 I have created a new folder, and then I created a filter based on subject.  I
 am trying to filter based on [Linux-usb-users], as well as Linux-usb-users
 (without the brackets).  
 When I "Apply Filters" from Messages -> Apply Filter (or Ctrl+Y) nothing
 happens.  There is also nothing on the console.
 If I click "Apply Filters" from the context (right-click) menus after I
 highlight a message, then it will filter that message correctly (so I also know
 the filter is correct).
 Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?
 evolution maillist  -  evolution helixcode com

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