Re: [Evolution] Not sending all mail

What method are you using to send mail?

Local sendmail/smtp or something?

Does it work ok from other mailers?  Do you have anything appropriate
showing up in /var/log/maillog?


On 13 Mar 2001 17:45:25 +1300, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
Hi, I cant prove it, but evolution is dumping my mail to /dev/null  and
maiking me wait while it happens.

It started with the cvs.2001. snapshot.

What happens is (when offline) I send mail, the evo says it's sending.
the progress metter thing goes back and forth a few times and then stops
(might be becauseI have changed views to another folder?) and thats it.
If I do a mialq on a terminal (I am useing sendmail on a redhat 7
machine) it's not there.

I should mentione that it is not all mails, only some...

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