Re: [Evolution] Problems while donloading my mail

I am having a problem like this, but only when I run it as my normal user
account. If I run it as root, then I dont suffer any problems. Has anyone
ever seen this yet?

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On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Alex Schuilenburg wrote:

Rob Hassing wrote:


Sometimes when I'm downloading my mail, evolution just crashes.
I'm using the latest snapshot version for RH 7.0 (via Red carpet).

Is anyone else suffering from this problems as well ?

Yup.  I get the same.  I find that it happens mainly when I am trying to do 
stuff while mail is downloading or starting up.  If I leave it alone on startup 
or when mail is being picked up, it seems to stay up.  I have not been able to 
pinpoint the problem yet tho'.

I also have > 1 mailbox.

-- Alex

When I restart evolution and retry to download the messages, there is no problem.

Thank you very much ...

Rob Hassing

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