Re: [Evolution] Converting Contacts with ISO-Latin-1 chars

OK, thanks Georges, I didn't know the db file contained just indexed vcards
... the problem with your solution is that it chops happily accentued
chars. I did that script which generates a good GnomeCard file:

under the shell (this is on 1 line only):

db_dump185 ~/evolution/local/Contacts/addressbook.db|grep ^$(echo -n
BEGIN|xxd -p)|xxd -p -r|tr -d \\0 |grep -v ^UID |iconv -f utf8 -t
iso-8859-1 |tr \\n \\377 |tr '[:cntrl:]' ' '|tr \\377 \\n >adb.gcrd

But when I import it under Evolution, that doesn't work. It seems the Evo
importer is broken (because GnomeCard shows the accentuated chars

Does anybody have a better idea ? (perhaps tranforming all lines into
QUOTED-PRINTABLE, but this seems overkill)


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