Re: [Evolution] VFolder for unread messages

All the bugs you mentioned are/were ETable bugs and hopefully chris will
be commiting code that will fix this stuff soon (he said he's got a
patch in the works).

As far as vFolders, I'm not sure about the 0.9 snapshot versions, but
HEAD CVS allows you to hit Folder->Expunge to reload the vFolder (and
some update automagically like the new vTrash folder)


On 07 Mar 2001 15:16:41 -0500, Jason Tackaberry wrote:
Having been using mutt for the last 3 years of my life, I'm a little new
to the concept of VFolders.  They _sound_ like an awfully useful tool,
and I think I don't quite appreciate their utility just yet.  Still, one
step at a time ...

I created a VFolder to display all unread messages in my Inbox.
Clicking the new 'Unread' vfolder did indeed show all unread messages
from my Inbox.  As I clicked on one of those messages and read it, I
realized that this message is now read, and shouldn't the correct
behaviour be for that message to suddenly vanish from the Vfolder?
Obviously this wouldn't be the _desired_ behaviour, and it clearly isn't
the implemented behaviour either.  So I'm just wondering, what exactly
is this supposed to do?  How does one refresh the vfolder?  If there is
documentation on any of this, please show me the way.  In particular
I think some sort of Evolution VFolder HOWTO explaining how to do
amazing and magical things with vfolders would be quite useful.

Incidentally, I'm using Evolution 0306 snap from Red Carpet on RH7.

I'd like to give Evolution an honest try at being my primary mailer, but
it did a few weird and unnerving things.  For example, at some point in
my playing with it, it started displaying 3 of each message in the Inbox
list.  Click on one highlighted all 3.  Obviously this isn't intended as
a bug report, but if someone can say "oh yeah, that's well-known bug
#suchandsuch" let me know. :) Also I noted that marking 2000 messages as
read takes an unusually long time (in the magnitude of minutes). 

Once I start using Evolution more seriously I'll file more useful bug
reports with bugzilla.  I'm mostly interested in someone setting me
straight with the Vfolder behaviour. :)


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