Re: [Evolution] Auto-select From based on source?

You can just create new profiles without a source defined (ie just
select the "None" option menu item).

Evolution currently tries to guess which identity to use when replying
to a message based on which identitiy the message was sent to.


On 01 Mar 2001 07:27:31 -0700, Brian Lalor wrote:
On 01 Mar 2001 10:09:33 +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote:

Le 2001.02.28 17:25:28 +0100, Brian Lalor a écrit :
This is something of a feature request: it is possible to have a way to
select the From "profile" based on some rule or source of a message?
I've got Evolution set up to read both my personal and work emails, and
I'd like to have the From appear to be blalor work when I get an email
from my_boss work   

I second this. (AKA "me too")

Not Zed asked for clarification; I see that Xavier got it, but I'll
explain better, anyway:

When composing a message, the From field is actually a select drop-down.
It looks something like "My Name <my email> (Profile name)"; in my case
"Brian Lalor <blalor hcirisc cs binghamton edu> (HCILab)".  I've also
got another option in there which is my work email.

Since I've configured Evolution to suck in both my personal and business
email, I'd like to be able to configure Evolution to automatically
select my work profile when the source of the message is my work mail
store so that replies are from blalor work com instead of
blalor hcirisc yadda 

To extend this concept, it'd be really nice if I could define profiles
for other than just the accounts I've set Evo up to suck mail from.  If
I sat down to count, I've probably got a dozen email addresses, some of
which go into the same inbox.  I'd like to see my Yahoo! or Hotmail
accounts there, too.


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