Re: [Evolution] Contradiction with SMTP-AUTH PLAIN

On 28 Jun 2001 17:10:36 -0400, Roger wrote:

ok. forgive me if i'm wrong becuase i don't know all the specifics
concerning login challenges.

I do know for a fact, that my isp using AUTH=LOGIN also supports plain

LOGIN sends the password in plain text.

Isn't there a 'plain text' password challenge for evolution? ...or 'is'
this "PLAIN" and i could try hacking the code so that "AUTH=LOGIN" will be
equivelent to "AUTH=PLAIN".  ...anyways...just a thought & a shot in the

this would be a bad idea, just use LOGIN authentication especially since
your SMTP server is telling you it doesn't support PLAIN authentication.
Don't get confused by the mechanism names.


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