[Evolution] Calendar (still) Broken in latest RH snapshot?!

This has been the case for the last two (possibly three) RH 6.2

I run evolution-calendar in it's own window, start the shell, and
click on the Calendar or Task List - the following (still) occurs.

$ evolution-calendar 
utf8_to_gtk: Show All => Show All
utf8_to_gtk: Any field contains => Any field contains
utf8_to_gtk: Summary contains => Summary contains
utf8_to_gtk: Description contains => Description contains
utf8_to_gtk: Comment contains => Comment contains
utf8_to_gtk: Has category => Has category
icaltimezone.c:1122: FILE: An operation on a file failed. Check errno
for more detail.
evolution-calendar: icaltimezone.c:1122: icaltimezone_parse_zone_tab:
Assertion `0' failed.

icaltimezone.c shows it's trying to open "ZONEINFO_DIRECTORY/ZONES_TAB_FILENAME"


icaltimezone.c:40 #define ZONEINFO_DIRECTORY      PACKAGE_DATA_DIR "/zoneinfo"

icaltimezone.c:44 #define ZONES_TAB_FILENAME      "zones.tab"

Does this look reasonable?  

A quick search of the filesystem (yes, the whole thing) reveals that
the only zone.tab file is the one in my source tree.

Doing a 

$ strings on /usr/lib/libical.so | grep -i zoneinfo

But there is no /usr/share/libical directory on my system.  Should the
package be including this?

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