Re: [Evolution] View nitpicks...

Ujwal, and other lurkers: we are working really hard on making the
bugzilla actually usable. If/when you all have issues like this, please
use the bugzilla to submit them. The developers are much more likely to
see them and fix them that way. I know this hasn't always appeared to be
the case in the past, but we're trying to change that, so I'm hoping
that this list can do it's part and populate the bugzilla with useful
and informative bugs. Thanks...

On 27 Jun 2001 14:31:10 -0700, Ujwal S. Sathyam wrote:
I am really glad to be able to switch off the Preview thingy. Earlier, I
used to get by by making my preview pane REALLY SMALL. However, now when
I deselect preview in a message folder, I immediately have to quit and
restart Evolution for the view to take effect. If I switch to another
folder and come back, the preview pane is back. But I can live with

The other thing is that whenever I start up evolution, the default view
is the Inbox view. Earlier versions used to revert to the view that was
last active when quitting evolution. Is this a new bug or a feature?



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