Re: [Evolution] Accessing IMAP folder puts Evo into endless loop

I sent this out several days ago but still haven't seen a response, and
the problem still exists.  When I click on the Inbox of my IMAP folder,
Evolution goes into an endless loop that uses 100% CPU and never comes
back.  Here's the last bit out output from evolution-mail, which
probably doesn't help much.  I doctored it up a bit to protect my

sending : A00010 UID FETCH 5128 BODY.PEEK[HEADER]
received: * 11 FETCH (UID 5128 BODY[HEADER] {989}
received: )
received: A00010 OK UID FETCH completed
sending : A00011 UID FETCH 5162 BODY.PEEK[HEADER]
received: * 12 FETCH (UID 5162 BODY[HEADER] {703}
received: )
received: A00011 OK UID FETCH completed
got folder 'imap://xxxxxxx mail xxxxxxxxxxx com/INBOX' = 0x81f8ab8
folder name is 'IMAPv4 server'


On 23 Jun 2001 21:52:57 -0600, Dan Hensley wrote:
     I just got back after about 6 weeks of traveling and updated
Evolution from CVS.  When I try to access my IMAP folder, Evo just goes
into full CPU usage and never comes back.
     Also, I find the progress bar for IMAP folders to be extremely
annoying.  They always appear right over the top of the password entry
dialog, usually when I'm about halfway through typing in my password.  I
have to switch focus and start over.  Would it be possible to display
messages like this at the bottom of the main window, or anywhere else
that's not a separate window?


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