Re: [Evolution] (no subject)

On 26 Jun 2001 11:02:41 -0700, Karel P Kerezman wrote:
So I'm penning this from an ancient version of Balsa I had laying around.
Bleah. I'll just start checking the FTP site daily in the hopes of getting
a working Evo back again...

Have you tried the preview release (from the Ximian Preview Channel)
rather than the snapshot? RC seems unable to install the preview over a
more recent snapshot, even if all the packages for the snapshot are
removed. What I did instead was to remove those packages, download the
preview RPMs by FTP, and install the RPMs in the appropriate order fromt
he command line. This way, I was able to revert to the preview, which
works better than the last RH 6.2 snapshot for me.

-- F

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