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Okay, so I've spent the last few days fighting with Red-Carpet. It kept
giving me spurious dependency errors, and upon reading the RC list archives
it appears that this is a semi-known issue and "wait for the next release."
Great. In the process of fighting RC I blew out my /var/cache/redcarpet
directory including the stored Evo snap rpms.

So after giving up on using RC to get the latest Evo snaps, I try the FTP
site. Lo and behold, the snaps are there! (They weren't the last time I'd
looked...) I grab the snaps, update, and... I can't check my mail.

Trying to change the mail settings pukes Evo.

And then I realize that I was a moron for deleting my redcarpet cache

So I'm penning this from an ancient version of Balsa I had laying around.
Bleah. I'll just start checking the FTP site daily in the hopes of getting
a working Evo back again...
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