[Evolution] cyrrilic problem

I'm using Evolution since 0.9 release and now when I upgraded to 0.10 I have some 
problems with cp1251 encoding.
The problem is when reading messages that are in cp2151 encoding. It
looks like this: _______ _ ____ __ ____ __  _ _ _ __ ___
or like this: M:@12>2>3 >9> 32:<@:20
when I choose from menu "View" -> "Source" .. everything is ok, I mean I
can read in cyrillic, but when I remove this options text become not
In 0.9 everything was ok. Is that a bug or I've done something wrong?
I use debian with evolution from unstable/testing.

I also have translated .pot file from 0.9 into Bulgarian. What can I do
to include this file in distribution? 

Nikolay Hristov

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