[Evolution] Filters move mail into nothing

Hi, I am having a problem with filters that has been evident since the
first red-carpet install to the last couple of cvs releases.  I can copy
or move messages out of the inbox manually quite happily, however any
attempt to do this via a filter just moves them into thin air, lost
forever, gone ....

Also, I am using the "clock and mail notify applet".  If any message is
deleted, or left read in the inbox (imap), the applet still shows mail
as being present, whereas under netscape and I think the first snapshot,
they would disappear from the count of messages waiting after being
deleted (and read too I think).  Can this behaviour be restored or made
an option, or do I have some config problem elsewhere?

System is Mandrake 7.2, full ximian red-carpet install, originally first
evolution snapshot, now latest cvs.


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