[Evolution] Today's RedCarpet rpm

Just d/l'ed and installed the rpm per above onto RH7, original kernel, X4.0.3.
Ran 1st time from a term for output. Nothing opened - immediate crash. Renamed
my Home directory Evolution-folder & re-opened - seemed OK. Setup wizards ran,
recreated mail account & various folders. This has probably been discussed
elsewhere & thru my laxity I missed it - but could import no data (mail or
contact) from my previous Evo folders - unsupported etc.

Opening Contacts to test & rcvd a Wombat error. Upon closing Evo - thought I'd
watch shutdown & then reopen - system froze - no keyboard or mouse action.
Before hitting the reboot button displayed the following in the term window:

Glib-CRITICAL **: file gmem.c: line 712 (g_mem_chunk_free): assertion 'mem !=
NULL' failed.

Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkwidget.c: line 1388 (gtk_widget_destroy): assertion
'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed.

(Then, 1st Glib message repeated)

Sure wish I'd saved those 4/26 rpms - that was a very stable build. Oh well.


Suggestions for troubleshooting are welcome.

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