[Evolution] Some questions/inquieries

I was a very happy evolution user till the last 2,3 weeks, so lemme say
why (one of the reasons why I joined the mailing list):

- The addressbook  doesn't work (New Contact etc. greyed out; maybe the
wombat is dead?)
- Why does evolution depend on exactly db3 3.1.17? I've got db3 3.2.9
from debian unstable and I'd like to know why you do depend on an exact
[ The checks for libdb[-]3 are a bit strange; why do you check for a
_static_ library libdb[-][3].a ? ]

So, the rest of evolution is nice, but all addressbook/contacts
concerning parts are crap for me.

PS: I do use CVS, as seeable from the mail header from CVS 2001-06-03.
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