[Evolution] Suggestions about menus...

Hello Evolutionites,

I was looking around in the menus today, and and I saw some stuff I
think could be changed for the better:

-"Hide Read Messages" should be a checkbox, similar to "Hide Deleted

-Could "Load Images" not be in a submenu? I'd like to see it under the
view menu, possibly as a checkbox option. I can also understand and
appreciate if it's just an action command to load images for that
specfic email. This command could also use a default keybinding.

-In "Properties" for a mailbox, I think it should have the options like
threaded view, hide read/deleted messages, etc, if they're
mailbox-specific options. I'm not totally sure about that one, though.
I'd like to make that properties dialog a little more useful, somehow.

-I don't think the icons for "Show All", "Hide Selected Messages", "Hide
Read Messages" are very indicative of what they do, and thus only
promote visual clutter. Just IMO, though. The tiny icon for Send/Recieve
(as in the one in the Actions menu) is a little unclear, as well. For a
long while, I thought it was a red and a blue block (which didn't make
much sense), only recently did I realize they were opposite-facing

-This isn't totally a menu complaint, but the "go to folder" dialog
isn't very keyboard friendly. Maybe I just don't know the correct GNOME
keywork to operate it... to me, up and down should traverse the list,
left and right (or maybe the space bar) should close/open the trees, and
enter should select it. IMO, that dialog isn't very useful as a
mouse-only dialog, especially since it has a keyboard binding to open it
in the first place.

Anyway, thanks for receiving my feedback, and I'd like to hear what you
folks have to say!


P.S. Is Executive Summary being worked on by anyone? I have a lot of
suggestions for it, but nobody ever mentions it and it's hardly made any
progress since it came to be. I don't want to write a big email about it
only to have to fall on deaf ears.

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