[Evolution] From Maildir to Maildir, with love?

Okay, setting up a fresh box and I want to read messages directly out of
a Qmail maildir into Evo 0.10 from the Mandrake cooker. Simple enough,

<James Burke Voice>Wrong!</James Burke Voice>

"Local stores do not have an inbox"

I'm almost certain it's something mind-numbingly stupid, I just can't
tell what. It doesn't matter what path I put into the account settings,
either /home/user/Maildir or /home/user or /home/user/Maildir/new.

(For the uninitiated, btw, James Burke is the somewhat-odd British
telejournalist who created several eye-opening series that TLC used to
run a lot in their pre-Trauma days. If you haven't seen Connections and
The Day The Universe Changed... do so.)

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