Re: [Evolution] enter key issue

On 04 Jun 2001 19:36:36 -0400, ISO-8859-1 wrote:
I keep checking for snapshots, both via Red Carpet and
at, but cannot seem to find any.  Has anyone filed a bug
report on this? I currently have the latest gtkhtml snapshot
(0.9.3-snap.ximian.200105310800), but only because I was upgrading to
try fixing the problem with evolution-mail crashing when I hit the ENTER
key while composing a message.  That's why this is all run together...

My problems with this started when I did upgrade to the snapshot
gtkhtml. The solution for me was
a) Uninstall Evolution 0.10
b) Reinstall it from the snapshot channel

All worky good once more
iain (If only the ISO-8859-1 bug was fixed though :)

Wow, OK.  Thanks for the tip.  Tried it and it appears to work OK.  Does
this snapshot (20010531) use db3? or is that only in CVS?

Matthew Vanecek
perl -e 'print
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