Re: [Evolution] enter key issue

On 04 Jun 2001 09:15:52 -0400, jack wallen wrote:
has anyone solved the issue where if you hit the enter key evo crashes?

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I keep meaning to post a note about this, but then I hit the enter key,
and it crashes, I get go play Q3 to work out my frustrations.  I've got
Evolution 0.10.  I keep checking for snapshots, both via Red Carpet and
at, but cannot seem to find any.  Has anyone filed a bug
report on this? I currently have the latest gtkhtml snapshot
(0.9.3-snap.ximian.200105310800), but only because I was upgrading to
try fixing the problem with evolution-mail crashing when I hit the ENTER
key while composing a message.  That's why this is all run together...
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