[Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] db3 requirement

On 02 Jun 2001 00:01:16 +0200, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
i have a little request. since i am using berkley DB library 3.2.9 for a
longer period i wanted to ask if you can EXTEND the check for this
library version too. i got evolution compiled with it SUCCESSFULLY and
it seem to work correctly with that version of library. i had a hard
time removing all kinda checks out of the sourcecode. so it would be
perfectly if you can extend it for GREATER version numbers.

I'm not going to extend the check.  Ettore described a method to install
both 3.1.17 and 3.2.9 in another message.  You can then tell evolution
where to find your 3.1.17.  You can even put the copy of 3.1.17 in your
home directory as evolution statically links to db3.  This means that
you can then remove the 3.1.17 install as soon as you're done building

The reason for this check is to guarantee a database format for
evolution.  If you link one copy of evolution with 3.2.9, it will
generate an addressbook that is not compatible with other versions of
evolution.  If you then try to use that addressbook with another copy of
evolution it won't work.  If you later switch to using a package of
evolution you won't be able to view your contacts.

I would highly suggest that you not link evolution against 3.2.9.  It's
clearly your choice, but I'm not going to remove the checks from
evolution since using evolution with libdb 3.2.9 is not a supported

another thing i wanted to mention. now that you use a newer libgal, i
leeched a new CVS version and it created libgal.so libgal.so.8 but
evolution still links against libgal.so.7 i already made a ln -s to so.7
but thats not the point.

In this case you're using a version of evolution that is supposed to
link to an old version of gal.  Making this symlink may cause errors
since libgal.so.7 is not binary compatible with libgal.so.8.  If you
recompile evolution it should link with the new version of libgal.


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