Re: [Evolution] Time issues in Calendar

Lonnie Borntreger wrote:

My options:
zone: America/Chicago
format: 12 hour
Evolution CVS from late Wednesday (close to midnight Chicago time)

I created an appointment for 10AM-11AM.  After setting all the details, I did a save and close, and was 
surprised to see that the appointment showed on the calendar view for 5AM-6AM.  Re-opened it to edit the 
values, and it correctly showed 10AM-11AM in the appointment dialog.  A look at My Evolution showed that I 
have a meeting from 10AM-11AM, even though the calendar view still said 5AM-6AM.  My reminder popped up at 
4:30AM (instead of 9:30AM) and said that I have a 5AM-6AM meeting.

Is this a known issue?

The timezone code is very new, and still a bit buggy.
I fixed a bug yesterday that was stopping it finding timezone data, which would lead to
the above sort of problem. So that could possibly be it.

See if you have this ChangeLog entry in evolution/libical/ChangeLog:

2001-07-11  Damon Chaplin  <damon ximian com>

        * src/libical/icaltimezone.c: only create the timezones array when we
        need to, and make sure we free things when necessary.
        Also added timezones_sorted variable, which we set to 0 when adding a
        timezone. We then sort the array before doing binary searches (oops!)

        * src/libical/icaltimezone.[hc]: added free_struct() arg to
        icaltimezone_free() to specify whether to free the icaltimezone struct.
        Also added icaltimezone_array_free() function.

The 'My Evolution' code and the alarm code haven't been updated to use timezone data
yet, so they will show incorrect times. We should get around to updating them soon.


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