[Evolution] Time issues in Calendar

My options:
zone: America/Chicago
format: 12 hour
Evolution CVS from late Wednesday (close to midnight Chicago time)

I created an appointment for 10AM-11AM.  After setting all the details, I did a save and close, and was surprised to see that the appointment showed on the calendar view for 5AM-6AM.  Re-opened it to edit the values, and it correctly showed 10AM-11AM in the appointment dialog.  A look at My Evolution showed that I have a meeting from 10AM-11AM, even though the calendar view still said 5AM-6AM.  My reminder popped up at 4:30AM (instead of 9:30AM) and said that I have a 5AM-6AM meeting.

Is this a known issue?

Lonnie Borntreger

PS: Why does the mail editor only have focus when the mouse is in the pane?  I have "click-to-focus" set for my window manager, but if the mouse moves outside the editor box, I can't type in text; if it goes over the pane that has the addressing and subject fields, that gets the focus.

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