Re: [Evolution] prefs all gone after latest snapshot

Shoot... sorry for the duplication of info.  Is there a searchable
archive of this mailing list?

On 07 Jul 2001 11:16:39 -0400, Michael Leone wrote:
On 07 Jul 2001 09:35:43 -0400, Scott Leerssen wrote:
I just loaded the latest snapshot from Red Carpet and it whacked all my
preferences (including mail server config!). 

It was announced on the list that this would happen, once the new
snapshots started using the bonobo-conf (?) method of config.

It shouldn't whack ALL your preferences - mine kept all my filters and
folders, for example. I *did* have to re-enter my mail account settings.
I didn't see that as too big of a deal, since I only have 2 POP accounts
I'm checking. 

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