Re: [Evolution] Evolution titlebar cleanups

Duncan Mak wrote:

I feel like Evolution should be somewhere in the titlebar at all time,
so how should it be?

[Component] - Evolution [version] ? (In which Composer should be changed
to remain consistant)
Evolution [version] - [Component] ?

I'd suggest having the text that most distinguishes the window first,
and the more constant text (in this case "Evolution [version]") last--
because in the tasklist etc., you normally only get to see the first few
letters of each window's titlebar.  Also, if the application icons are
well-designed, they will do the same job as the application name on the
tasklist or when Alt-Tabbing anyway, so there's no great need to put the
two right beside each other.  

(I would also imagine it also makes things quicker for people using
screenreaders to locate a particular window.)

what about the seperator? Gnumeric uses ' : ', ie. "Book1.gnumeric :

Well, ideally you'd want use a character that wouldn't (or couldn't)
normally appear in the rest of the title, so ":" is a decent choice for
file-based apps like Gnumeric.  On the other hand, it doesn't work quite
so well for mail apps, where ":" often appears in the mail subject
line-- as I'm writing this, my titlebar is showing "Compose: Re:
[Evolution]...", which looks a little odd, although certainly not

I have to say I always tend to use " - " rather than ": ", myself,
although it takes up an extra space.  (If I was using ":", I wouldn't
put a space immediately before it).


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